4 R’s form the core of this consultancy service:


1. Resources

Brainbank Consultants is actively tracing and identifying the best resources for specimens among the international vast network of BTB –Banks (Brain/tissue bio banks) and other repositories in which specimens are stored for use in scientific and medical research.

2. Regulations

We advise in collaboration with Med-law consult on the medico-legal and ethical prerequisites needed for obtaining the specimens and their appropriate use in research.

3. Research

We assist in the search for the optimal techniques to be applied on human brain specimens. In addition we guide and advise on the complex neuroanatomical structures and the currently used clinical and neuropathological diagnostic criteria.


Support in the interpretation of the obtained results with the specimens and their correlation with the neuroanatomy and pathology changes observed in the specimens.

How to Run a Brain bank?

The second line of activity of Brain bank Consultants is help in setting up new Brain Banks for research groups and health organisations worldwide.

In addition we advise and help in setting up a new donor programs in those places where it is needed in able to be able to collect bio-specimens for research.

The consultancy includes help and advice in choosing the most adequate SOPís for the new Brain Bank and the inventarisation of the legal and ethical guidelines necessary to establish a code of conduct for the bank.

We also supply the budgetary information needed to set up a new Brain Bank and advice on the needed staffing and apparatuses.

In short, we actually act as a guide who directs researchers and health organisations how to set up and operate Brain Banks.